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The Eagle Rodeo was established by Tracy Baggerly in 2001, nestled in the charming town of Eagle, Idaho. The Rodeo had a rocky start but through the years, was developed, groomed and cultivated into a thriving Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association-sanctioned rodeo with thousands in attendance each year. And then, after 17 years, the land-use lease was up and it was time to move… the entire rodeo arena!

The BEST SMALL TOWN THROWDOWN RODEO documentary is a behind-the-scenes journey following its fearless leader finding a new home and a team of over 60 volunteers who helped move the rodeo arena from Point A to Point B. You will see the new rodeo arena grounds in its raw and stark infancy as it progresses to a professional arena and see the massive amount of time, work and resources in between to make it happen, in less than 1 year, in time for the launch of the next rodeo season.

The Rodeo documentary is “Idaho-centric” and will capture the beauty and western spirit of our state and the charm of a small town called Eagle. 

Our audience will get a rare look at the Cowboys and Cowgirls that are pivotal to a rodeo’s success and the pain, scrapes, bruises and sacrifice of rodeo life and deep love of the sport.

 We will also get an up-close look at the action – inside and outside the chutes - of the rodeo events including Bareback, Saddlebronc, Bull riding, Barrel racing and learn something new at every turn. You will be intrigued by the Pick-Up Men who come to the rescue when a Cowboy is in trouble or the insight from a Stock Contractor who considers the stock as their pride and joy. We will get a glimpse at why the western way of life is important to our heritage and how it defines future generations in Idaho.

Join us for an exciting, unique and action-packed 44-minutes as we take a look at the




The documentary premiere is scheduled for

JUNE 2nd

Egyptian Theater

Ticketing information and other details to be posted soon.


Sunday, June 2nd

Documentary Premiere

Egyptian Theater

+ Event Details

Sunday, June 2nd

Documentary Premiere


Details to posted soon!

Egyptian Theater

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